Learn the Best Beauty Secrets From Professional Makeup Artists

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Beauty

No one knows more about the art of applying makeup than professional makeup artists. These industry professionals spend each day applying makeup to people of myriad different face shapes and skin colors. They are indeed experts at the art of using cosmetics to enhance one’s natural beauty.

If you want to take your makeup application skills to the next level, then keep reading to discover the best beauty secrets from professional makeup artists.

Don’t Use Your Neck or Wrist To Determine Your Foundation Shade

If you sign up for makeup classes in Dallas and the Fort Worth area, the first thing you’ll learn is that everything you think you know about the foundation is probably wrong. One of the biggest beauty secrets of professional makeup artists is that you should never test foundation shades on your neck or your wrist. These are both areas that are hidden from the sun, whereas your face gets a lot of sun exposure and is therefore darker. To truly determine the correct foundation shade for your face, always test colors along your jawline.

Your Fingers Can Be The Best Tools You Have

When you watch videos of amateur makeup artists, you’ll notice that they seem to have a specific brush or tool for everything. However, if you watch a professional makeup artist in action, you might be surprised to see that they often use their fingers to apply products. Don’t think that you always must use a brush or a sponge to apply your makeup. Some products, such as cream eyeshadow, apply and blend better when applied with the fingers instead of a tool.

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