Maximize Your Potential With The Earn More Program

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Office Rental Service

One of the challenges facing many small business owners and entrepreneurs is the lack of specific knowledge of the reality of operating a business that is geared to continue to grow and thrive. This is not just a course on how to manage the finances, develop a client base or complete the day to day business operations. Instead, it is about setting business goals, developing a business plan and being able to incorporate all of the skills and techniques of business management into a successful, comprehensive approach.

This is a seven section, seven-month course which includes consultation and coaching sessions one-on-one with Donna Miller, developer of the program and small business consultant and coach. In addition, business owners will be placed in micro-groups, which allow for accountability, exchange of ideas and a network of peers in similar industries and businesses to provide support, encouragement, and feedback.

The Path To Success

The Earn More Program was specifically designed to address the knowledge gap for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is unique in that it provides specific proprietary tools for business owners to use both throughout the program and directly with their business.

These tools provide the needed tracking, planning and organizational steps required to operate the business. Along with the tools, the program provides techniques in all areas of business management and leadership. These techniques are taught by experts in the areas of consumer behavior, marketing, sales, business finance and business operations.

The Coaching Difference

A key difference with the Earn More Program is the inclusion of 4 business coaching sessions scheduled throughout the program. These one-on-one discussions allow the business owner to visualize the business they want to own, then create the necessary plans to realize that vision.

In combination, the program, coaching sessions, tools, techniques and micro-group accountability add up to powerful professional development customized to the unique needs of each participant.

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