Need New Metal Lockers? Keep These Three Factors in Mind!

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Business

You’ve used metal lockers in your place of business for years. It’s come to your attention that the current ones are not in the best condition. Now is a great time to look at new metal lockers for sale Austin TX and replace those old ones. Here are three of the primary factors you should consider before making a purchase.

The Dimensions

If the dimensions of the current lockers are fine for your purposes, it makes sense to look at new metal lockers for sale Austin TX that happen to be the same height, depth, and width. When having a little extra room in each locker would help, consider lockers that are at least 10% larger. You’ll find several sizes that are considered standard, so getting the quantity needed in any size will not be a problem.

The Metal Thickness

Thicker metal is a good thing. The lockers will hold up to more wear and tear while also resisting dents and other potential issues. While you may spend a little more for the thicker metal, the lockers are likely to last for much longer. In the long run, you end up saving money.

The Quality and Type of Lock

Do the lockers need to be secured? This is often the case for lockers used in schools, lockers rooms in gyms, and even lockers used for storing fire safety equipment. Consider the type of lock you need on each one. In come cases, you will want metal lockers for sale in Austin TX that come with combination locks. At other times, keys will work fine.

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