NYC Lighting Sales Company Offers Lighting for Pupils

NYC Lighting Sales Company Offers Lighting for Pupils

You can make improvements to classroom environments with high-tech communications and teaching aids. However, one of the most basic components of a good education includes proper lighting and a trusted NYC lighting sales company offers tunable white light solutions for the classroom. This lighting comes with many benefits.

What is Tunable White Light?

Have you ever noticed that some light bulbs seem brighter than others (even if they are the same wattage)? For example, some may have a warm type light that’s slightly yellowish in hue while others may have bright white light or even a slightly bluish tint. It’s all about color temperature, and tunable white light systems from your NYC lighting sales company let you choose from warm (3000K), neutral (3500K), cool (4200), and even cooler light (5000K) for the classroom.

How Color Temperature Affects Learning

Let’s look at the four different settings and how they may be used:

  • Warm – perfect for kids that are reading in the classroom. It makes it easier to focus on what they are doing.
  • Neutral – the right color temperature for taking quizzes and tests. Kids are less likely to get distracted with this light.
  • Cool – this is a crisp general lighting color and allows kids to focus on what the teacher is saying. It’s a good light for lectures and interactive sessions.
  • Cooler – this is a refreshing kind of light that is used to promote high levels of energy. For example, kids can enter the classroom in the morning with this light, and it helps them to wake up and feel refreshed. It’s also good right after lunch period.

Perfect Control

Tunable white light systems from your NYC lighting sales professionals give the teacher two sets of controls. One controls the color temperature, and the other can dim or brighten each color temperature selection.