Packaging Solutions at Competitive Prices!

When you have specialty items that you need shipped, but they don’t fit in standard size packaging, consider using custom packaging. By having packages made to fit your items properly, you can help to ship them safely and possibly reduce shipping costs. Express Packaging has been creating custom corrugated boxes for more than 40 years.

Custom packaging can be designed to fit your items precisely, reducing movement and shifting while being shipped. When the item is securely packaged, there is less chance for it to be broken or damaged. Express Packaging can help meet the specific needs of your business, helping you protect the safe delivery of your products.

Custom corrugated boxes by Express Packaging are made of eco-friendly materials that are durable and custom cut to your specifications. Custom packaging can also include dividers and corner pads to keep items from shifting within the packaging. The extra protection can be easily installed and acts as fillers and blocking for added safety.

Corrugated materials by Express Packaging are created using cutting-edge technology and the company can create not just standard packaging materials, but also point-of-purchase displays and die-cut packages. Our technology allows for the creation of any style packaging your company needs.

Whether your company needs standard or customized packaging, Express Packaging has the experience and ability to meet your requirements. Located outside of Savannah, GA, the company began in 1979 and has served a variety of industries, including food and beverage, medical and dental supplies, and craft and hobby supplies to name just a few.

Express Packaging can provide estimates to your company for all your packaging requirements. The company stocks an inventory of packaging that includes FOL, Die-Cut, and RSC containers. We pride ourselves in operating a green company and over 98 percent of the box material waste gets recycled.