Paper Shredding In Dallas Tx – A Key Component of Security Efforts

Paper shredders are available in every big-box store across the nation. Businesses and home offices both require paper shredders for a number of reasons. When offices can’t possibly keep up with the amount of documents that need to be shredded and recycled, it’s imperative that they use a proper paper shredding service. Professional paper shredding services in Dallas Tx can be found easily. However, some companies are more secure than others.

Who Shreds Papers?

Offices connected to medical service providers are required by law to shred all papers that would otherwise be thrown away. Whether they have hard copy medical files that have been transferred into electronic medical records or old bills that have outlived their seven year tax receipt requirements, all of these documents must be shredded before they are passed on for recycling. Professional memos and other internal documents should also be kept private by shredding before disposal.

Medical offices, especially those in Dallas Tx, produce massive amounts of shred-able paper every week. In order to keep up with the mess, professional for paper shredding services in Dallas Tx may be used. However, these services should only be provided by professionals who have passed rigorous background testing before being allowed anywhere near the documents of your clients.

Shredding for Security Purposes

Home and business offices use paper shredding in Dallas Tx to prevent the theft of personal information. Nearly every piece of paper printed within a medical or legal office contains highly sensitive and private information that could be very detrimental to clients if in the wrong hands.

The US government estimates that $100 billion is lost annually due to the criminal actions of identity thieves. It is easy for many thieves to get the information they need to take out loans, steal credit card numbers, and drain bank accounts by reading private files from professional offices. Medical bills often contain information on account numbers, full names and contact information of patients, billing addresses, and sometimes even have the last four digits of a client’s social security number or credit cards.

Identity thieves love to get personal information by digging through mail boxes, hacking into the computers of professional offices, stealing credit card information or digging through trash cans. Paper shredding from Action Shred of Texas drastically reduces the likelihood of identity thieves getting your client’s information by digging through dumpsters.