Proper Etiquette Practices for Cremation Ceremonies

Having loved ones cremated is becoming increasingly common over traditional funerals and burials, especially for those who pre-plan their final arrangements. Friends and family need to become familiar with proper etiquette. If you plan to attend a cremation near Brownstown, here are some basic guidelines to remember when paying respects.

What Should You Wear?

Formerly, mourners were expected to wear black clothing to funerals or memorial services, but this is no longer the protocol. Almost any color is acceptable today, as long as the outfit stays relatively conservative. In general, dress the same way you would for a church service, business meeting, or job interview. Mourners should avoid wearing baseball caps, t-shirts, or jeans.

Should You Send Flowers?

Traditionally, the practice was to send flowers to the family after a death. These were arranged and displayed during the funeral services. A memorial service following a cremation in Brownstown is a bit more casual. Many families today request photos for a collage or slideshow to be presented. Some families request donations be made to a cause significant to the deceased instead of flowers.

How Are the Remains Handled?

Following a traditional funeral service, the casket is transported directly to the burial site. However, after the cremation, there isn’t a formal burial. The ashes may be placed in an urn to be kept by a family member, scattered in a special location, or placed in a columbarium.

If you are planning a cremation near Brownstown, visit Our Lady of Hope for more information.