Reasons Companies Are Upgrading to Keyless Entry in Louisville, KY

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Fire and Security

Companies are always looking for effective ways to streamline their business operations. One way to do this is to upgrade from lock-and-key doors to keyless entry. Below are some of the reasons more businesses are choosing to upgrade to keyless entry in Louisville, KY.

Ample Security

Improving security is always a priority for businesses. Companies invest in cybersecurity to protect their employees’ data, but they also need to keep their physical locations secure too. People come in and out of businesses all day, every day. Some companies have as many as a hundred or more employees who have keys to the building. What happens if these keys are lost?

Keyless entry lets companies do away with keys and keep their buildings secure by monitoring who comes in and out. Security features included with most commercial keyless entry systems include:

  • Personalized codes: Every employee who comes into the building is given a personal access code. This allows the company to monitor who is on the premises at any time.
  • Tamper resistant: Unlike keyed locks, keyless entry pads can’t be picked or broken into. Their design makes them tamper-proof and encryption technology reduces the likelihood of hacking.
  • Fast lockouts: In the event of a security threat, keyless doors can be locked with the touch of a button. No one has to go from door to door making sure it’s secure.

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