Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Custom Stickers

Custom stickers have been a popular staple in the marketing industry for decades. Whether they are used to get people elected, advertise bands in the area, building companies, or something else, decals and stickers are a favourite for all marketers. They are easier to make, distribute, print, and use. You don’t need to have difficult-to-understand instructions, and they’re inexpensive when compared to other marketing strategies.

Go Beyond (The Bumper)

A sticker doesn’t have to be a bumper sticker. You can use a wide variety of decals in almost every shape imaginable. Likewise, you can choose your own designs, sizes, forms and more to create custom stickers that people will enjoy using. You can also consider different phrases that mean something to your organisation, or just go with a simple logo and border.

Old-School, But Effective

Most people don’t realise that the internet has taken over, but some people still enjoy that personal touch. You can give them that when you hand them a custom sticker that you had printed in bulk. They’ll think of it as a gift that’s easy to use, while you can reap the benefits of a cost-effective solution to your marketing needs.


The beauty of it all is that you can do whatever you want and have complete flexibility when choosing and creating your sticker. Consider creating different ones for different purposes. If you’re hosting a customer-appreciation day, get some custom stickers that showcase yourself in a good light. If you’re doing damage control or reputation management, consider a cause that you’ve recently helped with, and create a sticker about that saying you care. The options are endless, and as long as you can think it, sticker printing companies like Gecko Sticker Signage can make it for you.