Reasons to Install a Home Surveillance Camera System in Bowling Green, KY

Security is on a lot of business owners’ minds, and with good reason. Break-ins occur all the time across the country. Commercial alarm companies do good business as a result, and can certainly help to deter intrusions. Many modern business owners are choosing to take further advantage of modern technology, though. Those who do business in areas that are at high risk for burglary or just want the added comfort of knowing that their employees and property are always safe can always install a home Surveillance Camera System in Bowling Green, KY. Below are a few things to consider before making this kind of investment.

Location, Location, Location

Even if you are in a good area, your facility might not be immune to invasion. Facilities that are closer to major downtown areas or are located next to freeways and other major thoroughfares are more likely to experience break-ins. Individual buildings that are set further back from the street and further away from others are statistically more likely to be broken into. Similarly, poorly lit buildings or those with yards that contain extensive landscaping that obscures the view of any doors or first-story windows are also at higher risk.

Frequently Not Occupied

Properties that are vacant on a regular basis should consider taking the extra precaution of installing a Surveillance Camera System in Bowling Green, KY. Burglars are clever. They pay attention to small details that can sometimes go unnoticed by absent business owners such as the accumulation of mail, lack of lights or vehicles, and lawns that have begun to grow unkempt in the business owner’s absence.

Better Protection in the Event of a Break-In

Commercial intrusion alarms and security cameras both provide a large measure of preventative security. Burglars look for easy targets. What security cameras have over simple alarms is their effectiveness at helping police track down suspects and recover stolen goods after the fact. A remotely monitored alarm will bring officers to the scene more quickly, but only security cameras can obtain footage that can be used to find the perpetrators if they get away. Contact Sonitrol for information about installing a more comprehensive security system.