Ride the River on a Float to Pass Those Long, Hot Days of Summer in Style

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Water Sports

Whether you are headed to a destination on vacation that is by a river or you are lucky to have one in your backyard, you’ve found yourself one of the best places to enjoy those warm summer days. Bring your towels, spread out a blanket, and make sure you pack plenty to eat. You’ll spend most of your time wading in the water, skipping rocks, and making waves of your own before you come out to dry off. As soon as you get to hot, you’ll be back in the water again. River float tubes can give you another way to get the most out of water fun.

Find the Float that Works for You
If you are only planning on going solo, choose from river float tubes that are designed for one person. A lounge or a bucket seat could be ideal for you. If you are getting together with a gang of family members or friends, you might want an island with a table in the middle or a huge tube that can seat up to ten people. If the river has a good current, your entire group can let the river carry them through twists and turns. Wait to see where the water will take you.

Have Your Water Fun Your Way
River float tubes open the door to another way to enjoy the water in Omaha and elsewhere. They’re so soothing that you can close your eyes and take a nap. If you want more excitement, you can jump off, rock your float up and down, or play with friends. If you choose to go for a swim, you can always come back to your float. Treat it like your rest stop before you ready to jump in again. At the end of the day, store your float tube. It will be waiting for the next time.

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