River Float Tubes Are the Best, Most Enjoyable Way to Get Downstream

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Water Sports

Recreational river tubing has come a long way since the days when people would roll that old, patched-up innertube to the riverbank, ready to attempt to get comfortable on that hot old piece of rubber as the sun beat down on the shore. River float tubes now come in a wonderful array of colors, shapes, and sizes.

It used to be quite a ride if two people could negotiate that rather difficult float as it drifted along. Now, with exciting new designs and technology, any number of riders (well, up to 12) can float around together in convenience and comfort.

And riders don’t just have to sit sedentarily and let the current take them for the ride. Participants can now get much more interactive in their river float experience. An Aqua Treadmill enables two riders to either just sit side by side, or spin the float forward or backward, providing fun movement down-shore that way. The Bounce Pod Floating Jump Station is like a mini-trampoline out on the water. Some couples like to tow it out with their float to a deeper part of the river, and take a few bounces and swim at that point.

A group of eight can relax and float down the river on a Parthenon Canopy Spa 8-Person Island. If there are even more people in the group, other fun options include the Tube-A Rama 10-Person float, and the real biggie, the Stadium Islander, which accommodates up to 12 riders.

To check out all these fabulous river float tubes, and more, go to WOW World of Watersports.

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