Roots and Wings: Helping Teachers Cultivate A Child’s Love For Learning

by | May 9, 2023 | Non-Profit Organization

In classrooms with 25 to 30 students, teachers are short-handed and low on supplies and resources for students. Additionally, teachers do not have the time to give each child the attention they require. That is one of the reasons why more local nonprofits in Delray Beach, FL are giving teachers a hand.

Every school should have teachers who inspire learning and have an impact on their students. That includes their academic performance as well as their personal growth.

Local nonprofits in Delray Beach, FL benefit children by awarding teachers to develop students who love learning. The advantages of having teachers who inspire include:

Students Have Increased Motivation

Teachers who inspire learning motivate students to become more interested in their classes. They light a fire in students that helps students apply what they’ve learned to real life situations. They are also encouraged and love to read.

Students Have Improved Social Skills

Teachers who inspire learning create a positive classroom environment. These positive environments help children feel safe and in turn they develop communication skills and other social skills.

Students Have Enhanced Creativity

Teachers who inspire encourage their students to think creatively and develop different ways to solve problems. Students also develop critical thinking skills which help them become more flexible and not rely on the same remedy for problems:

Overall, it is beneficial for students to have teachers who inspire learning and make students more engaged. Roots and Wings is a non-profit that helps teachers. For more information, contact Roots and Wings at

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