Safety Tips and Pontoon Boats for Sale in Gainesville?

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Business

While Pontoon Boats are some of the most versatile boats on the water, it doesn’t mean that they’re not safe from frequent accidents. It’s also true that most accidents on water occur due to human errors that are easily preventable. If you’re the owner of a Pontoon boat or you’re looking to buy pontoon boats for sale in Gainesville, here are some of the most important safety tips to safeguard yourself and your family when going into the water:

: Almost 80% of deaths on the water are due to drowning, which means you should have plenty of life jackets on board for everyone.

: The design and charm of a pontoon boat for sale in Gainesville often tempt owners to load their vessels beyond capacity. Even if you’ve lots of friends willing to take a ride, never overload the boat as it can easily sink it in an instant.

: Do not drink on a boat because it’s illegal to control a boat under the influence of alcohol. While pontoon boats are plush and comfy, it doesn’t mean that they are suitable for throwing parties.

: Never exceed the water speed limits and never try to take sharp turns. In fact, more than half of the accidents on water are caused by collisions with other boats.

: You should have a proper anchor on board. Always use an anchor if you want your boat to remain stationary in turbulent waters.

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