School Bus Fire Safety Starts with the Right Suppression System

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Fire and Security

Keeping children safe on their way to and from school should be the top priority of every bus fleet in the country. School bus fire safety is often one of the practices taught to both drivers and the children in which they transport so that they know precisely what to do if a fire should break out on the bus. However, if the buses in your fleet are not properly equipped with the right fire suppression system, you may not be providing them with all the tools needed to stay safe.

Alerting Drivers Quickly

When you integrate one of these heavy equipment fire suppression systems into your buses, you also give the drivers a glimpse into what is going on under the hood. When a thermal event is detected, the driver will see a notification on their dashboard so that they can spring into action to keep the children on board safe and out of harm’s way.

Protection You Can Trust

Many of the fire suppression systems fixed in buses today require frequent DOT inspection and maintenance to be sure they will work properly in the case of ablaze. Even then, some of these other systems will not operate in the case of an emergency if the vehicle has been turned over. Luckily, this fire protection company uses a reliable Stat-X generator system that uses total compartment flooding technology that will deploy even if the bus is upside down.

Contact FireGator at website to get a quote on their fire suppression systems, and to learn more about what you can do to promote school bus fire safety in your fleet of vehicles.

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