Set Your Business Apart with Quality Screen Printing in Fontana, CA

Set Your Business Apart with Quality Screen Printing in Fontana, CA

Screen printing is called such because a nylon mesh is stretched over a frame to create a screen. A stencil is held by the mesh in the frame, and the pigment is then applied through the screen. It covers the surface of the material underneath the screen except where the application of the ink is blocked by the stencil. This technique has been around for decades. It can be used to create t-shirts, posters, banners, and pretty much any other kind of imagery on a flexible canvas. In the past, it was all done by hand. Now, most printing is done by computers. However, the process still operates in a similar way and is one of the most reliable and quality ways to print onto flexible surfaces.

T-Shirts and Hats

If you want to set your business apart, you need to take advantage of quality screen printing in Fontana, CA. If you can print your company logo on t-shirts and hats, people will keep them around for a long time. While very few people are genuinely excited about the free t-shirts given away by companies, they generally choose to keep them around. They’re great for doing yard work in or wearing as pajamas. That means your business name will be in front of them more than they know.

For example, if you are a company that sells sporting goods, you might print t-shirts to give away at sporting events. When a parent sets out to buy a new baseball or softball bat for their child, they’ll remember the name of the company on the t-shirt they wear all the time. It’s a way of advertising without being intrusive. You can read more about this by going to the website of a great printer.


Drink koozies are a common source of screen printing material as well. They’re printed for the same reason that t-shirts or hats are printed. The idea is to be useful to the potential customer beyond just advertising. They might keep the koozies in a drawer until they have a party. Then they’ll then hand out your company information to their guests without even thinking about it.