Silver Platter Time: What Kind of Custom Engraving in Honolulu is Appropriate?

Silver Platter Time: What Kind of Custom Engraving in Honolulu is Appropriate?

When close friends are coming up on a 25th wedding anniversary, something silver is a traditional gift. Assuming the couple likes to entertain, a silver platter would be a great selection. To make it even more personal, why not arrange for a Custom Engraving in Honolulu? Here are some ideas on how to make sure the engraving brings smiles to each of the recipient’s lips.

Wedding Vows

Did the couple choose to write their own vows? If so, is it possible to obtain a copy of those vows? Assuming they are just a few lines each, there’s a good chance they would be perfect for that Custom Engraving in Honolulu. Add the wedding date to the engraving and the result is a gift that the couple will treasure for the rest of their lives.

A Special Message

If the platter is being presented by the children, the engraving can be a message that all the kids agree represents their sentiments. It can remind the parents of how much they are loved and carry the names of each of the children. The engraving does not have to be wordy in order to be effective. Something simple and to the point followed by the children’s names will work just fine.

A Favorite Quote

Is there a quote that has special meaning for the couple? It could be something fun, like a snippet of dialogue from the movie they saw on their first date. Perhaps they both like a specific author and have been known to regularly repeat something from a literary work. Along with recognizing the importance of that quote to the couple, it also serves as a reminder that those who are closest really do listen to what they share.

There are plenty of other ideas that could be used to come up with the ideal engraving for that silver platter. Before getting too involved in the process, Get more information from a professional about how other people have come up with the right message or quote for such an occasion. By learning more about what others settled on, the odds of coming up with the right words will be all the easier.