Spearfishing Equipment You’ll Need To Go Lionfishing

With the rise of interest in lionfish diving due to an environmental effort to control the proliferation of this predatory fish, there’s a consequential growth of interest in spearfishing equipment. There’s nothing like an innate need to build up your very own lionfish diving gear. Just like anything else, the cost depends on what’s practical in the waters where you’re spearfishing and your own desire of how much you’re willing to put into it.

Here’s the most basic spearfishing equipment you can start with.

One. Get yourself a fishing license. It’s not like the old days any more where you can just swim out and catch whatever fish you want. That’s because there are species we need to protect for their rarity and the health of the local biome.

A valid sports fishing license should be available for purchase in the local community where you’re spearfishing or you can get more information from local agencies, dive shops or fishermen supply. Fellow spearfishers should also be able to help you.

You may opt for a Hawaiian sling or a pole spear if you want. Otherwise, for longer distance fishing, a speargun is the norm. Just make sure you’re using it in waters with great visibility.

A wetsuit will keep you warm in colder waters. In warmer once, a rash guard will do. Getting those with camouflage will certainly keep you somewhat invisible to the fish.

Get yourself a low-profile mask and snorkel for surface hunting.

Gloves and booties will protect you from coral scrapes while keeping you warm. Freediving fins will help your mobility and speed underwater.

Having weight belts will keep you underwater while a spearfishing knife is helpful with any cutting you’ll need to do like nylon lines.

Finally, get a buddy with you. It’s the safest practice in spearfishing.