Storing Food Products? Choose Steel Drums Over Plastic

In many industrial and commercial settings, food items must be stored in very large containers in order for the appropriate quantity to be shipped, distributed and received for use. When choosing a large drum container for your storage needs, food safety should be a prime consideration. It also happens to be the reason that you should opt for steel drums over plastic.

The Strength of Steel

Obviously, a steel drum is going to be stronger and more durable than a plastic drum. This adds longevity and value to the product, as they are more easily reused and less prone to damage from heat and other elements that may compromise or even destroy plastics.

Additionally, steel is far more food safe than plastic. Plastic, by its very nature, is porous. What this means for storage is that over time, microscopic quantities of your contents may seem into the material and – worse yet – tiny amounts of contaminating material like bacteria can make its way in. The best way to prevent this is to choose a material that isn’t porous. Steel meets that qualification, and its sleek texture also allows easier clean up after usage. If you want your drums to have a second life, choose steel for strength and safety.

Does the Type of Steel Matter?

When selecting a steel drum for food-grade storage, it is best to choose a stainless steel container. This is the easiest to clean, the least porous and the longest-lasting option. If you do have to choose a less expensive drum, carbon steel may suffice if properly cared for and lined with a food-grade safety liner during usage. To shop a wide variety of steel drums, liners and other accessories for the commercial and industrial food industries, look for sites specializing in all manner of large containers, such as NatPak. Just remember – the food inside your drums was an investment. Don’t let it go to waste. Choose the best drum the first time. Choose stainless steel!