Successful Outdoor Wall Art Story in West Palm Beach FL

Successful Outdoor Wall Art Story in West Palm Beach FL

Outdoor Wall Art sometimes has bad reputations – rebellious and law-breaking. Other times artists pour their hearts and souls into their work, creating stunning art for the world to see and enjoy. Danny Doya is one such artist in West Palm Beach FL who devoted his time and energy to revitalize the heart of downtown with his wall art mural. The mural he painted is called “Eris and the Golden Apple.”

Reasons to Revitalize the Heart of Downtown

  • The beauty of having Outdoor Wall Art is that the public can see interesting and lovely pieces. Realistically, going to the museum and gallery is a dying pastime for many. Therefore, art in the outdoor becomes unavoidable for pedestrians. Take, for example, Doya’s mural of Eris. It portrays a girl with beautiful green eyes and teal lipsticks gazing at a golden apple. Her expression is captivating as described in the following link:  Perhaps the sensation felt by the public is akin to that of Mona Lisa expression that became so popular.
  • Doya took advantages of outdoor wall art to educate people. Once people found interest in “Eris and the Golden Apple,” they came to learn that Doya’s inspiration for this artwork came from Greek mythology of the Goddess Eris and the Golden Apple of Discord that caused the Trojan War.
  • Doya’s work is colorful and vivid. The seven-storey wall art successfully brightened the downtown core, and it became an inviting place for people to visit and enjoy. As a result, this attraction is helping the city’s economy.

Outdoor Wall Art in West Palm Beach FL

A stroll through the downtown core of West Palm Beach FL is a must. Its splendid Outdoor Wall Art is now an attraction for art lovers and tourists alike. Artists such as Doya have successfully built the town into what it is today – a vibrant art haven for all to enjoy.