The Terms of Numerology and Traits from the Numbers

The Terms of Numerology and Traits from the Numbers

Numerology is not a new concept; it exists from past hundreds of years in many parts of the world. Numerology is the study of the traits of a particular person or thing through numbers. Name numerology involves finding this significant number through the summation of all alphabets in the name. It is mainly used to know the personality traits, strengths and talents of an individual, based on their significant sum. There many people who believe in numerology and usually tend to change their names based on the numeric value their name sums up to.

How Numerology Works:

In name numerology, first, the total sum of the corresponding numbers of the alphabet is counted. Like in the name, Raj, we know ‘R’ is for 18 it sums up to 9, A is 1 and J is 10 which sums to 1, and the complete name Raj sums up to 10, which will be summed to 1. So, the significant number of the Name Raj is 1. By applying some calculations based on this significant number combined with the date of birth, numerologists will extract core personality traits of the individual along with the twenty or thirty modifiers.

It is believed that every object has a particular frequency to its vibrations and by finding the energy of these vibrations, the qualities and traits can be established. By combining this belief with numerology, using the date of birth along with significant numbers, numerologists will decide some particular frequency of different people. After analysis, these calculated frequencies will provide some knowledge on the traits and personalities of people.

The Different Symbolism of Numbers:

So, after finding the significant number and date of birth, a numerological report will be prepared, which will have a particular frequency associated with the person. The traits symbolising each frequency are given below as number followed by the traits.

1- Independence, Individuality, Leadership, Administrating
2- Cooperating with people, Closeness, Sensitivity, Supportive
3- Self Confidence, Living with joy, Optimism, Creativity, Sociability
4- Service, Sense of Limitation, Down-to-Earth, Hardworking
5- Variety and Creative, Progressive attitude, Constructive Use of Freedom
6- Balance and responsibility, Love and comforting, Supportive, Helping
7- Spiritual Understanding, Introspective, Always search for truth, Analyzing capabilities
8- Material Satisfaction, Desire for success and power, Desire for recognition
9- Humanitarian, Selfless, Compassionate
11- Nervous Tension, Illumination, Teacher
22- High Ideals, Spiritual Understanding of materialistic world, Master Builder

So, one can easily analyse his/her strength and personality with the name numerology and also know about some traits that are to be changed. They can consult with local name numerology specialists for detailed analysis.