The Differences Between MLA And APA Format For Works Cited Pages

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Business

MLA is a much different approach and is a generalized style used for undergraduate and high school work. For most people, it is the worst possible thing to hear that you have to write a paper and use MLA formatting, but some people do prefer it since they’ve used it frequently throughout their school career. However, the APA format is geared toward your area of study and can be the first sign of your professionalism. If you go on to publish articles in your field of study, you’ll likely use this style, making it an important thing to learn. The best part is that the guidelines aren’t as strict as with MLA formatting though they can still be tricky, especially if you haven’t done it before or are used to MLA.

Rip It Off Fast

Have you ever heard the analogy of ripping an adhesive bandage off quickly instead of pulling it gently and getting over the pain each time? Going from MLA to APA format for Works Cited pages can be similar. While learning the new style should be easier than learning MLA, it can still be a little tricky. The best part is, you already know how to start the process of creating bibliographies and the like because you’ve been doing it. Therefore, you already know some of the processes. It’s just about learning the new rules and focusing on getting it done quickly, but correctly.

There are a few differences with this style, such as the title page, abstract, and bibliography. While it may bring back some unhappy memories of your freshman year at high school, you shouldn’t focus on those feelings and should dive in head first (or rip off the adhesive bandage quickly).


The bibliography could be the most important part of your project and may lose or gain you the most points with your professor. Not including one or including an incomplete one will cost you, not just a grade, but credibility. Therefore, you must include a bibliography and ensure you do it correctly.

To help, you may use an online bibliography or Works Cited maker, which will help you organize the sources, complete the list and do it all correctly.

For most people, the positioning of the information is the hardest part, and the builder will help you get all the information in the right spots.

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