The Many Advantages of Using a 2 Piece Ball Valve

Experts can spend hours discussing the differences between a one-piece ball-valve, the 2 Piece Ball Valve and the three-piece variety. The two-piece has several advantages that makes it the preferred choice of many users.

The first advantage is that there is only one body joint to concern you during the installation process and when the 2 Piece Ball Valve is in use.

Known for A Simple On/Off Action

Maintenance crews will tell you that the two-piece variety is extremely versatile and is the best choice when you only require a straightforward on off action. This model is effective in the speed that it can cut any flow of liquid immediately.

Used within construction, shipbuilding and industry, it is often used to control fuel and oil. By having fewer parts, the 2 Piece Ball Valve is an excellent choice that will not let you down.

Compared to one-piece valves, the two-piece variety is far easier to repair. You will probably have to take the whole valve away from its operation should it need repair, but it is extremely sturdy in action because it is stronger and heavier than a one-piece valve.

It has the advantage over a 3-piece ball valve in that it is much less expensive.

Perfect for Flanged Applications

Flanged applications that use either full or reduced ports, are great as a two-piece valve. This is because there is less opportunity for a leak, especially when this is compared to a three-piece ball valve. This is so important that some chemical producers and refineries will prefer to use two-piece designs on all their flanged valves.

Where possible, you should use stainless steel. This ensures that they can operate within both low and high temperatures. More importantly for some requirements, the high-grade stainless steel models are particularly resistant to rust, any form of corrosion or contamination and will perform well when they meet acids, hazards substances and a wide variety of chemicals.