The Meaningfulness of Plaques

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Trophy shop

Most people have been to a ceremony where someone is awarded a plaque for a professional or personal success. But, what makes a plaque such a meaningful item? Discover three reasons why plaques are given to people who have achieved various goals in their work or personal life.

Lasting Recognition

An award plaque is something that will last for decades. When you receive a plaque as an award for the highest number of sales or best customer service, you know it is made of material that will endure no matter where it’s on display.

A Record of Successes

A plaque stands as a record of a person’s successes. The inscription on a plaque could outline a person’s years of service, number of touchdowns in a career or practically any other accomplishment. So, when people look at a plaque they know exactly who it was given to and why. This is a more permanent way to celebrate a person’s successes and accomplishments.

A Token of Personal Appreciation

A dedication plaque is one example of a symbol of appreciation. For instance, a school could put a dedication plaque into a glass display case celebrating a former graduate who had great success in his or her career. This sort of plaque may be given to a professional baseball player who is a graduate of a particular high school. The plaque may be put into a trophy or award case at the high school for students, faculty and visitors to admire. A person who receives a plaque like this is sure to feel genuinely appreciated.

Lastly, one of the best things about this token of recognition is it can have any sort of inscription or design on it making it a unique item. No single plaque looks exactly like another!

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