Things to Keep in Mind About Data Recovery

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Business

Losing your files is like losing your most important possessions, albeit in digital form. The good news is that you may still be able to salvage some of it if you act quickly enough. If you are looking for experts in Charlotte NC who can carry out data recovery for you, you need to keep a few things in mind first. Otherwise, less-than-reliable individuals might scam you in order to make a quick buck or two.

Don’t Agree to Immediately Format Your Drive

Some supposed “tech experts” like to fool people who aren’t so proficient with computers so that they can easily earn money without actually doing any of the hard work. If you bring your hard drive to a person who claims it’s doomed before even trying everything possible to save your files, take your business elsewhere.

Use the Drive as Little as Possible

Resist the temptation to play tech expert at home. The more actions you take on the device housing the drive, the more likely you might overwrite the very files you are trying to save. That’s why you should just stop using the drive entirely. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally lose your files forever.

Don’t Forget to Erase the Data on the Malfunctioning Drive

Since data does not actually disappear immediately upon deletion, your files can still be pulled from the malfunctioning hard drive. This means that you can’t leave that old drive lying around. If somebody were to get it and extract your data without your knowledge, your sensitive info could end up in the hands of suspicious individuals. That’s why you should completely erase the data on the drive before you throw it out, says PCWorld. Before you work with any data recovery specialist, ask if they’ll wipe the old drive for you, too. If they won’t, it’s time to go elsewhere.

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