Three Facts to Consider When Purchasing Addiction Treatment EHRs

Having Electronic Health Records (EHRs) as part of an addiction treatment facility is a vital step towards treating patients with modern healthcare they deserve. However, there are three major considerations to keep in mind when purchasing addiction treatment EHR technology.

How Stable is the Technology?

Although technology crashing is not an unfamiliar problem for most people familiar with computers, addiction treatment providers want to make sure that their software is the most stable technology they can buy. Having addiction treatment EHR software that constantly crashes will interfere with the ability of the treatment staff to provide prompt, ethical and modern care to patients.

Is Mobile Access Possible and HIPPA Compliant?

If the addiction treatment staff is going to be accessing the patients’ charts from their phones, tablets or other mobile devices, having software that grants mobile access is a vital component to picking out an EHR. However, just because the software can be accessed through mobile does not make it the right EHR for all treatment facilities. Any mobile EHR must be compliant with the privacy concerns of HIPPA, and it is up to the addiction treatment facility to make sure that the software complies.

Does It Allow You To Accurately Measure Addiction Outcomes?

Being able to accurately measure treatment outcomes is something that an EHR must be able to provide any addiction treatment facility. The software should be able to provide you with the ability to track which treatments have worked for a patient and which treatments have not been successful. Having a permanent set of data to examine is particularly helpful for patients who return to a facility for additional addiction treatment.

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