Tips On Espresso Repair in New York City

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Food

Having a beloved espresso machine break down or begin to malfunction can be a very frustrating thing to have to happen. In most cases, however, the source of the problem can be fixed at home before having to bring it into the shop for professional repair. Here are troubleshooting tips on Espresso Repair in New York City to keep in mind when the caffeine supply runs dry.

The Machine Is Not Getting Any Power

     *     Check the switch to make sure it is in the correct position. Many espresso machines have switches that have multiple positions, and it is quite easy to misconstrue which one it is in.

     *     The power source for the machine may have blown a fuse. One common culprit of this problem is if the element has an electrical loop within it.

     *     Some machines may have a thermal safety switch that trips as a safety precaution when the machine senses it is overheating. This is not common but can happen

The Coffee Is Not Dispensing Or Dispenses Slowly

     *     The grind of the coffee may be too fine to allow water to flow through. Alternatively, the coffee may also be too tightly packed to allow a strong flow of water. Remove the handle and press to make the coffee. If coffee is able to be made, regrind or repack the coffee.

     *     The water supply may be turned off, or the water filter may be blocked and not allowing water through.

     *     Occasionally, dirt in the machine’s water supply may plug the valve that opens to allow water.

     *     If there is a dispensing problem and the pump is making a strange noise, the pump or pump head has probably failed. In these cases, the machine will need to be brought into a repair facility. Click here for a shop that is experienced in these types of Espresso Repair in New York City.

     *     Sometimes, this problem can be simply due to a lack of proper cleaning. Make sure to clean the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions on a regular basis. This will ensure everything is running smoothly and at an optimal level.

By following these tips, coffee enthusiasts can rest assured they will greatly reduce the danger of their precious caffeine not being available. Make every morning a good morning and clean the machine!

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