Top 3 Data Trends Shaping Business for 2017

by | Jul 3, 2017 | business services

From AI, autonomous vehicles and mixed reality to visual analytics there’s no doubt that emerging technology continually will have a seismic impact upon the way enterprises are run, managed, and structured Below are the top 3 data analytics trends we’ll see shaping companies in 2017:

Customers are at the core of a business

Within the cloud world, software deployments need less initial investments of money and time, and customers who are evaluating software renewals no longer need to be concerned with large sunk expenses. Cloud vendors are concentrating on their clients’ long-range success by working simultaneously with them to make sure of business value and product adoption. As a priority, they are providing greater levels of customer support, richer training resources, as well as deeper guidance upon product adoption, which leads to mutually beneficial partnerships. From that, organizations recognize more value from their investments, as well as vendors have the ability to build long-range customers instead of one-time buyers.

Data will move to the cloud

As companies continuously move their data into the cloud, the thought that data analytics must do the same is now becoming the norm. For 201, data gravity – where all the data which has to be correlated for analysis will move to the location of the biggest data set – is going to inspire companies to install analytics wherever their data lives. Cloud have a boost to cooperative working, analytics, and data storage.

Cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, as such, continually will be a trendy data destination. While most businesses continually will deploy a hybrid architecture of cloud, as well as on-premise solutions, cloud Business Data Analytics in Toronto increasingly will represent a more scalable and faster option.

Big data does not discriminate

Gartner explains big data as the 3 Vs: high velocity, high volume, and high variety information assets. As all 3 Vs are increasing, variety is now becoming the main big data investment driver. The trend continually will grow as businesses search to integrate more sources and concentrate upon big data’s “long tail.” In the year 2017, analytics platforms are going to be reviewed based upon their capability of providing live direct connectivity to those disparate sources. Follow us on twitter.

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