Top Tips For Safe Handling Of Pistols in Louisville Kentucky

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Guns

A gun safety class is not only strongly encouraged by responsible gun owners, but for those that wish to purchase a gun, it is required by the law in most states. Before venturing out to Knob Creek Gun Range make sure these tips on safe gun handling are memorized to the point of being second nature.

* The muzzle of the gun should always be pointed in a safe direction. It should never point at something that is not fully intended to be shot at. Keep in mind, when indoors that bullets can ricochet or fire through walls and ceilings. Safe in this context means never pointing the muzzle of the gun where a person may accidentally be shot. When outdoors, be aware of the surroundings and avoid firing upwards into the air as it is hard to determine exactly where gravity will bring the bullet back down at. Even when dry firing, this safety tip should be followed.

* When a gun is not being used, it should always be unloaded. Never keep a loaded gun at home, in a vehicle, or any place else where it is not in active use. The only place a gun should be loaded is on a shooting range or in the field. Before handing someone Pistols in Louisville Kentucky, make sure to open the action so it can be verified that the gun contains no ammunition.

* The safety mechanism on the gun is not a replacement for common sense and proper safe handling techniques. The “safety” on any gun is subject to failure as it is merely a mechanical device. The gun should be handled as if it could go off at any time because, if mishandled, it very well could.

* Make sure to always use the correct ammunition for the Pistols in Louisville Kentucky. Using the wrong kind or type can result in not only damage to the gun but also may result in severe personal injury to the gun owner or people in the vicinity. Visit us at Knob Creek Gun Range for more information.

Remembering these simple yet effective gun safety tips will keep everyone happy and free from tragedy. Owning a gun is a great responsibility so make sure that it is treated as such.

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