Two Popular Aircraft Available for Private Jet Charter in Fort Myers, FL

Booking a Private Jet Charter in Fort Myers FL can be an excellent way to achieve transportation-related goals that would otherwise be out of reach. Particularly when the limitations typical of commercial carriers become unacceptable, a private charter can prove to be the perfect solution. Providers like maintain fleets of jets that cover a wide variety of situations.

Jets Ready to Serve Charter Clients at the Highest Possible Level

There are dozens of compact jets on the charter market today, any of which might sometimes be appropriate for certain charters and itineraries. A handful of these aircraft, however, most often end up being the best suited to particular charter clients. Some of the most popular choices for a Private Jet Charter in Fort Myers FL today include models like:

  • Embraer Phenom 300.
  • Jet manufacturer Embraer is a titan of the charter business, with many of its craft featuring prominently in the stables of the industry’s top specialists. The Phenom 300 is a relatively compact jet that is a favorite among executives at many of the world’s leading businesses. It also makes an excellent choice for many charters, as it combines a high level of capability with enough cost-effectiveness to strike an appealing balance. With its 2,000-mile range allowing the Phenom 300 to cover plenty of ground on many projects, there are often good reasons to consider this popular jet.
  • Embraer Legacy 500.
  • Most charter flights cover less than a thousand miles and convey only a handful of passengers or fewer. Being able to book a larger jet that can range farther, however, can end up being important in many cases. When the requirements associated with a particular project become more demanding, many charter providers recommend that clients step up to the Legacy 500. With its range allowing it to cross the Atlantic easily, this spacious business jet is a truly versatile option.

Many More Jets to Choose From

While jets like these often suit particular situations perfectly, there are also many others to choose from. One of the advantages inherent in choosing a chartered flight over a commercial one is being able to arrange for a close fit with particular requirements.

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