Are Used Transformers a Good Option?

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Electronics and Electrical

Many electronics suppliers can offer you both new and used transformers, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. New transformers are generally safer and more ideal for large electrical output, while used can still function efficiently and cost less, making them a great budget option. This quick guide will tell you when to buy used and the considerations to make beforehand:

1. The Right Application

All electronics projects require the right equipment, so eBay (which frequently sells used transformers) recommends buying the right type of transformer for your intended purpose. If none of the used models on the market suit your needs then it may be best to buy a new one.

2. Source

If possible, find the source of your second hand transformer to see if it has been used in a similar application to yours. Scrap Metal Junkies says that old transformers can be found in all sorts of electronics including microwaves, power suppliers, and power lines. This makes it easy for anyone to sell their transformer to make a quick buck. Whichever transformer you buy, be sure to know where it comes from and what it has been used for to avoid disappointment.

3. Industry Experts

You would expert manufacturers and retailers of new equipment to be experts in what they sell to ensure they are selling you the best quality products and can supply you with the things you need. Sellers of second hand products should use the same principles as selling the wrong product when it is second hand can potentially be dangerous. No matter who you buy from, make sure they know their area well and can provide you with the right transformer for your job.

A second hand transformer is an affordable option that can work just as well as a new one. Just make sure that the transformer you buy comes from a reliable source, is right for your application, and is sold by an industry expert.

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