How Using a Security Camera System Can Save You Money

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Fire and Security

When it comes to business, every dollar counts. The business of sales is competitive. Every sale is important. It doesn’t matter if you sell clothes and shoes or cell phones and other high-end electronic equipment, keeping control of your inventory is vital to your bottom line. Having a security camera system in Louisville, KY, is the best way to save you money.

People Problems

Internal and external theft, slip and fall setups, fights to divert attention from robberies, snatch and runs, and assaults can all cost you time, money and a lot of headaches. Having high definition security cameras in place not only deters such shenanigans because they are visible, but can outright prevent it from happening when people are aware they are being watched.

True Loss Prevention

Teams of thieves work together to score expensive items by diverting an employee’s attention while others are helping themselves to merchandise. By the time your employee discovers items are missing, the team of thieves is long gone, leaving you with a hefty price tag of loss. By utilizing several strategically located security cameras, you can capture multiple angles and have full view of all activity in a specific location. With high-definition security camera systems in Louisville, KY, you can also give law enforcement fully detailed descriptions of all of the perpetrators before they leave the property.

Video Surveillance Saves on Inventory Shrinkage

While you protect your property from breaks-in, vandalism and burglary, one thing many business owners don’t consider is inventory shrinkage from their own employees. Video surveillance using security in caged or high-end inventory rooms have proven to cut down on employee theft.

To learn more about using a security camera system in Louisville, KY, contact Sonitrol Security of Louisville.

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