Water Sanitation Solutions: How Electricity Plays a Role in Cleaner Water

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Water Purification Company

Chlorination of public water supply has been one of the biggest and most important breakthroughs in both sanitation and medical advancement in the last few centuries. While it may seem insignificant, the chlorine in most municipal water supplies is what keeps major outbreaks of diseases like cholera and dysentery at bay in developed nations. Germs and bacteria that used to cause these problems are now rendered all but harmless by the addition of chlorine to water used for drinking, bathing, cooking and other everyday applications.

How do today’s water suppliers keep the massive amounts of water needed to keep the world’s population satisfied clean and safe for use? One of the most popular and widely used methods is electro chlorination.

What is Electro Chlorination?

The mixing of electricity and water may seem odd at first blush, but it makes for a simple, effective and entirely natural method of chlorinating large supplies of water. Using common table salt – also known as sodium chloride – water is first salinated. Then, electricity is introduced. Once this happens, the salt in the water immediately transforms into sodium hypochlorite, also known as chlorine. Thus, no artificial chemical need to be introduced to create chlorinated, germ-free water!

This electrifying technique is so popular – and so simple for providers – that more and more companies are signing electro chlorination contracts to keep their consumers safe, healthy and satisfied with their water supply.

Who Needs an Electro Chlorination Contract?

Think you may benefit from an electro chlorination contract? You’re not alone. Thousands of suppliers all over the world are making the smart choice for all-natural chlorination every year. Everyone from swimming pool and spa owners to municipal water suppliers can benefit from having expert advice and guidance in electric chlorination.

For more information -and to find out if your supply business would benefit from this method – contact your local water sanitation solutions provider. Your consumers will love the results, not because of what they see and feel, but because of what they don’t!

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