Ways to Provide Turf Aeration as A Beneficial Service to Your Customers

You know that turf aeration can be a key factor in making a lawn healthier and lower the amount of maintenance it needs. However, you may be intimidated about offering the service because customers don’t understand why they need it. Rather than letting this stop you, move on to provide the assistance they need. Instead, add this task to the list of services you offer as a lawn care provider. With the below tips, you can explain how turf aeration will benefit your customer and become the expert they will trust.

Educate Your Customers

By giving your customers that lawn care advice they need, they will view you as a valuable resource in all things regarding their lawn. Because of this, they will contact you when they have questions and will trust the advice you give them. To get started, include coupons and yard maintenance tips on your billing invoices, social media, and website. Also, illustrate how your turf aeration equipment loosens a compacted yard, improves air circulation, and lets more nutrients get into the soil.

Provide Follow-up Services

When you discuss the aeration procedure with your customers, they may have concerns about what their part will be. You can ease their worries by explaining how to care for the lawn after the service gets done. Clarify that they will see plugs in the grass from turf aeration equipment, which will break down as the yard gets watered. You can also give them the chance to hire your back for follow-up care.