What Do You Know About a Linear Power Supply?

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Electronics

When it comes to power supplies, the linear power supply is one of the most common power supplies around. After all, it was around before switch mode power supplies became readily available in the power industry. That being said, linear power supplies still have a common usage today. In fact, they are frequently used in laboratories and similar environments as well. They are also used in environments where noise sensitivity is extremely important due to their ability to emit a low noise level.

Why Use a Linear Power Supply?

There are many benefits to using a linear power supply in your building. For instance, they are especially useful in areas where the level of noise is crucial. These power supplies are known for being extremely quiet for the amount of power that they can produce. A linear power supply can also be useful for many environments due to their relatively simple design. Since these types of power supplies have been around for a long time, the interior design hasn’t changed much. This will make it easier for a design engineer to work with a linear power supply, which will benefit everyone involved. The low number of components that a linear power supply has will also improve the cost-effectiveness of the unit as well, which is something that everyone can agree is a good thing.

How Can They Help You?

Linear power supplies can have varying output power ranges, making them useful in a variety of environments. Different power supplies will have different dimensions and output voltages as well as an output frequency that you can specify depending on your needs. They can range from having a power output of 100 watts and weight of 35 pounds to having a power output of 1500 watts and weighing 135 pounds. Each type of linear power supply will have its benefits for different situations and environments, making them an extremely versatile part of any workplace.

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