What is pallet racking?

Pallet racking is a storage aid system designed for storing products and materials that are bundled or palatized. Pallet racks are made of horizontal loading beams and vertical frames. Based on the nature of storage items, pallet frames vary in size and design. As a result, the pallet raking system of different warehouses differs depending on their specific storage needs. In the modern world, racking systems have become an essential component of most manufacturing facilities, retail centers, warehouses, and other distribution and storage facilities. Loading and offloading of pallet racks is done using fork trucks engineered for that application.

Choosing the right pallet racking

You may wonder, which pallet racking system is appropriate for me? Well, the choice of the right racking pallets depends on the nature of products under storage, available space, and stock management. In this case, a warehouse can opt for the following type of pallet racking.

Selective racking

Selective racking is the widely used and versatile pallet racking system in the industry. It is essentially made of metal shelves designed to fit pallets. This system is simple to use and makes racking and removal of pallets with a forklift easier. However, selective racking has the lowest storage capacity.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a simple racking system designed to store awkward, bulky, and long materials of any length. Instead of being a railed lane, this racking system uses a base that supports tiers of arms that protrude out. It can be attached to a wall for support or have a standalone with arms on both sides.

Drive-in racking

This is a high storage solution suitable for storing homogeneous products with a large number of pallets. Drive-in racking is made of a modular structure that is easy to assemble and reset.

Push back racking

This racking system is almost similar to the drive-in racking system. However, unlike the drive-in pallet system, except that it is designed to push forward pallets.

Every pallet racking system is created to meet the specific needs of a given warehouse or business center. The type of products also plays a big role in deciding on the type of pallet racking system to invest in. Nonetheless, storage is easier and efficient with a pallet racking system.