What to Expect from an Indian Wedding Photographer in California

Indian wedding photographers in California have become a necessity. Indian culture varies significantly from western culture, and an Indian wedding photographer is a perfect choice if you want your wedding to be captured in its true essence.


Location is critical in an Indian wedding. The location should be a place that is significant to the bride and groom, such as an amusement park they visited together or a restaurant where they had their first date. The ceremony can take place anywhere from your backyard to the beach, but there are certain things you should keep in mind when choosing a venue:

  • Make sure it’s accessible to everyone.
  • Consider how far away from home you want people to travel.
  • You may need an Indian destination wedding photographer.

Photography at an Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are a big part of Indian culture and include many rituals. The primary purpose is to celebrate the union between two families. Many Indian wedding photographers in California are hired to take pictures of the wedding, family, and guests during this event.

Photographers also have a vital role in taking pictures of the bride and groom on their wedding day. They will set up shoots before or after a ceremony to get portraits with family members or friends involved and shots of the bride or groom alone.

Rituals and Traditions of Indian Weddings

The rituals and traditions of Indian weddings are different for each religion. Hindu weddings are typically more elaborate than Muslim weddings, which occur over several days rather than hours. The rituals at a Muslim wedding are more formal than those at a Hindu ceremony, but both cultures have unique expectations for what should happen during the ceremony and reception.

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