What to Know About Endodontist Services in Aventura

If you are looking for the best endodontist services in Aventura, you can try a proactive one such as Aventura Endodontic Care. They use the latest endodontic techniques and technology and offer the highest level of endodontic services available. You can get a root canal, treatment for cracked teeth, traumatic injuries, and more.

Understanding the Anatomy of the Tooth

Endodontist services in Aventura can provide root canal therapy for you. Inside your tooth, you have a soft tissue called the pulp, which contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. It is what grows the tooth when you are young. If the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, it can cause pain. This happens for a variety of reasons, including decay, faulty crowns, a crack or chip in the tooth, or trauma. If it isn’t treated, it can lead to an abscess.

Root Canal Therapy

When you get endodontist services in Aventura, they will be similar to getting a routine filling. These services can be done in one or two appointments, depending on your circumstances. There are many advantages to saving the natural tooth, including efficient chewing, normal biting force and sensation, and natural appearance, and it protects your teeth from excessive wear and strain. You can maintain your natural smile, continue eating your favorite foods, and the treatment can last a lifetime. The endodontist will perform the procedure by removing the pulp, or root of the tooth. Then, they will fill it and place a crown on the tooth. In the end, the tooth will look like a natural tooth and function exactly the same.