What You Can Expect Attending A Progressive Church In Jacksonville, FL

These days, a lot of people are rediscovering the advantages of church attendance. During this time of upheaval and financial struggle, people are looking for new ways to feel a sense of community. In Florida, the best churches provide citizens with a healthy place to gather and express loving solidarity. Despite what you may think, many modern churches have adopted looser, more accepting attitudes. These churches pride themselves on building diversity in their congregations.

Appraising Open-Minded Modern Churches

Believe it or not, there are plenty of modern churches that welcome congregants with alternative lifestyles. It’s not hard to find an LGBTQ friendly church in the Jacksonville, FL area. Churches like Riverside Baptist Church provide friendship and fellowship for every kind of person you can imagine. Churches like this generally cultivate a welcoming atmosphere for people of all races, genders and orientations. You don’t even have to self-identify as Christian to find a home at a progressive Christian church. These open-minded churches gladly embrace skeptics, Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus, to name a few.

Even Agnostics and Atheists Are Welcomed

Even professed atheists are accepted at open-minded modern churches. The LGBTQ friendly church is less about proselytizing and more about accepting people for who they are. If you haven’t been to church in years, you may be surprised to find how welcoming a modern church can be. To learn more about attending a progressive church, visit Sitename and get in touch with the kind people at the Riverside Baptist Church.