What You Should Know About Fluid Couplings

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Business

Also known as hydraulic coupling, fluid coupling is a device that transfers rotational power from one shaft to the other using transmission fluid. It serves as a substitute for the mechanical clutch. It’s utilized in the auto transmission unit, power transmission industries, and marine propulsion units.

Main components of a fluid coupling

It comprises:

• Turbine
It’s linked to the output driver shaft, whereby the rotational power is to be transferred.
• Pump or impeller
It’s a turbine that is connected to the input drive shaft. It serves as a centrifugal pump.
• Casing
It’s also called a shell. It features an oil-tight seal around the shaft to protect the turbine and impeller from external damage.

Benefits of fluid couplings

This hydrodynamic device transmits mechanical energy from the motor to the gearbox without a tear. Here are other advantages of using fluid couplings instead of gear couplings.

• Load-free motor run-up

Induction or asynchronous motors are used on stationary drives like conveyors. Nevertheless, the con of such engines is the higher starting current. This can be five times the rated current, and such a higher starting current decreases the voltage and engine torque. This might strain the electrical grid or even cause a failure in the power supply.

A fluid coupling in the drive chain can relieve the engine load during the run-up. This allows the engine to travel rapidly across a higher current spectrum and lessens the impact of voltage drop on the drive system. It uses low-cost standard engines that don’t have to be large.

Application of fluid coupling

• It’s used in the automotive field to transmit energy from the engine to the wheel as a clutch substitute.
• It’s used in the marine propulsion system.
• It’s used in different industries for power transmissions.

You’ve learned about fluid couplings, their main components, benefits, and application. If you are looking for this Hydrodynamic device or any other equipment for your industrial use, don’t hesitate to call reliable manufacturers. The professionals will help you choose the right product for your needs.

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