Where Can Companies Can Turn for Safe & Effective Vapor Mitigation in Chicago?

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Cleaning Service

Vapors that are dangerous can make a work site or a building unsafe for people, animals, and wildlife. There are many harmful chemicals that can be dispersed into the surrounding air as volatile vapors that can be harmful and/or dangerous to health if breathed in. Learn where more companies are turning for safe and effective vapor mitigation in Chicago.

How Vapors Can Seep Into a Structure or Area from Groundwater & Soil

Even if the building doesn’t emit toxic odors or chemicals, the surrounding groundwater and soil could well be contaminated with toxic substances. The vapors that can seep from contaminated water supplies and nearby soil concentrations can get into a structure via the air. These chemicals can be noxious and obviously dangerous, or the substances can be deadly even when no odor is detected. Any of these situations require immediate service of vapor mitigation in Chicago from a Chicago-based environmental remediation and vapor mitigation service.

How Does Vapor Mitigation Services Work?

There are two main methods to attack vapor contamination with mitigation services. These include passive measures and active methods. Passive vapor mitigation efforts concentrate on blocking the nearby toxic vapors from entering into a structure or area. This is achieved by carefully sealing any openings into the structure like cracks or through porous cement and other building materials. A membrane or protective sheet barrier and installation of complex venting systems are more active vapor mitigation methods.

Don’t Delay Vapor Mitigation Services

For more information about vapor mitigation in Chicago, contact Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC or visit their website today.

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