Why Automatic Pallet Wrapping is Better for Your Business

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Business

Any manufacturer, distributor, or any other company that ships goods on pallets understands that manual pallet wrapping comes with safety and efficiency risks. Incorrect wrapping leads to unstable loads, and wrapping time can vary, increasing labor costs and placing shipping deadlines at risk. Automatic wrappers solve these problems by making the wrapping process faster and more predictable. Following are several reasons automatic pallet wrapping machines are the better choice to prepare palletized goods.

Streamlined Work Processes

Pallet wrapping machines integrate into existing production lines. Their automated nature enables production staff to work on other tasks while the machine does its job. Over time, the machine pays for itself with labor hours saved in the wrapping process.

Reduced Supply Costs

Mistakes are inevitable when pallets are hand wrapped, which increases film and other supply costs. Automatic pallet wrapping machines accurately determine the amount of film stretch required, saving him supplies and time from inaccurate manual guesswork.

Increased Safety

Automatic wrapping machines require much less interaction and movement from production personnel. Forklift drivers spend more time on their machines and less time wrapping, which decreases the risk of accidents. Drivers also keep up with the production of automated machines since they spend most of their time transporting completed pallets and not wrapping.

Predictable Results

Automated pallet wrapping machines achieve measurable and predictable output. This enables production managers to more accurately forecast production numbers.

Automated wrapping machines are more productive, promote safety, and reduce costs. Try one today for your operation.

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