Why Homeowners Should Think About Solar Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Are you looking for solar systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL? System installation is more affordable now than ever. Costs start at $4 a watt for an installed system, making them more efficient than fossil fuels.

Initial Consultation

This company’s solar sales cycle starts with an initial consultation. Their consultant will travel to your home and analyze your electric needs. With this data, they can calculate how large the system must be to fully address your usage.

Design Specialist

Their specialists understand the difference between an optimizer, a string inverter, and a micro-inverter. So, you can trust them. They will work hand-in-hand with state-certified engineers, ensuring your system passes inspection.


Their professional installers will finish the job to completion, using 5-star workmanship.

Types of Panels

Homeowners are given a choice of three-panel types to choose from:

Monocrystalline: This is the oldest and priciest type of panel. Its efficiency will help recoup some of the cost.

Poly Crystalline: These are newer and growing in popularity. Thus, they are ideal if you want a cost-conscious option.

Thin Film: Solar tech’s latest development comes with a lower price tag and power output. Despite its lower power, its lightweight build makes up for what it lacks.

A system’s performance depends on more than just the type of panel used to build it. The mounting angle must be factored into the equation, along with miscellaneous variables.

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