Why Non-Denominational Church is a Great Choice for Most Churchgoers

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Catholic Church

Church attendance is a significant part of growing and developing the Christian faith. It is a place to connect with like-minded believers in the community and learning more about the principles laid forth in the Bible. Yet, some people see the church as a space that is stale, boring, and unreasonably strict. For those people, trying a new type of service can change how they experience fellowship and worship. Here is why a nondenominational church may be a good choice.


There are times when people feel they must be perfect before they can step foot into a church. But Jacksonville’s non-denominational church is about receiving and accepting people regardless of who they are. It doesn’t matter if you like to dress up or down, if you are quiet or loud, or if you are single or married. Every person was created with a special personality, gifts, and purpose from God and should have the chance to develop that in a safe atmosphere.


When some people talk about their Christian beliefs, the focus can be on the rules that they follow. But, following church rules aren’t always aligned with the truth of the Gospel. With Jacksonville’s non-denominational church, the focus is on developing a personal relationship with God and living out the truths of the bible. The atmosphere is more relaxed so that members can learn about Jesus without feeling judged and overly governed.

The best way to really know if a Jacksonville non-denominational church is the best place to be, visit Southpoint Community Church. For more information about them, check them out at www.southpointcc.com.

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