Why Outsourcing Your Medical Linen Laundry Is Important in Phoenix, AZ

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Biz Hybrid

As a hospital administrator, you already know that you must reduce costs and expenditures wherever you can. While you might think that outsourcing certain services is a needless waste of money, there are actually many benefits to using a third-party healthcare linen service in Phoenix, AZ.

Focus On Actual Care

By not having to worry about clean laundry, you can place the focus on what really matters in the hospital and that is proper patient care. An industrial-level laundry placed within the confines of a hospital costs a lot of money. These are funds that could be better spent on medical machines and devices for specialized care.

Sustainable Practices

By using an outsourced laundry service, you can rest assured that you are engaging in sustainable environmental practices. Such things as water conservation, energy management, and earth-friendly cleaning products are all part of a sustainable laundry program.

OSHA- & CDC-Compliant

There are many regulations that pertain to a laundry facility, including those demanded by both OSHA and the CDC. These can vary from typical hospital regulations so they can be quite difficult to track unless you have a dedicated staff member doing so. To avoid this and relieve these regulatory burdens from your hospital, it makes much more sense to simply use an outsourced healthcare linen service in Phoenix, AZ. They will handle all of the rules and government compliance for you.

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