2 Things to Consider for Business Fire Protection in Bowling Green, KY

Businesses and organizations differ in many ways, but you may not have considered what that means in terms of planning for fire protection in Bowling Green, KY. Consider these areas.

Flammable Chemicals

Concerns over flammable chemicals will be an obvious consideration for some businesses, but others may overlook some of these chemicals.

Retailers may have potentially flammable products on the sales floor and in their stock rooms. Businesses and organizations likely store cleaning products for use on their own premises. Maid services also store cleaning products. Nail salons may overlook polish removers.

Fire Alarm Signals

Consider the environment where you are installing alert devices as well as who will be on the premises.

Installing both audible and visual alarms provides alerts to both those with hearing and visual impairments.

People in a noisy area of the business may not hear an alarm but may see a flashing light. On the other hand, those in an area with welding equipment or other sources of flashing light are more likely to respond to an audible alarm but not notice a strobe-like signal.

People accustomed to hearing music and messages over a public address system may have tuned out the system as background noise and actually may not “hear” a spoken voice evacuation message.

On the other hand, studies have shown that sleeping children, such as napping pre-school children, respond to their mothers’ recorded voices and to voice evacuation messages spoken by a female voice more readily than a beeping alarm.

Walk through your business or organization with your Sonitrol representative to determine your needs for fire protection in Bowling Green, KY.