Mold Cleanup in Texas

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Environmental Consultant

Mold is everywhere. It is virtually impossible to escape spores that move on the slightest air disturbance. Only when the conditions are right can mold spores settle on a surface and begin to grow. Many commercial buildings experience severe mold growth. This is especially true in the event of flooding or water damage. That is when property owners or property managers call to arrange for mold cleanup in Texas. If mold is not removed from a building, it can cause serious illness. Mold spores ignite allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to mold. Even for those who are not allergic, they often exhibit symptoms associated with a common cold, runny nose, itchy eyes, and coughing.

To save money, many building owners decide to tackle mold growth themselves. As they are not equipped to deal with mold cleanup, they often exacerbate the situation as they disturb the spores. Mold cleanup in Texas is not a task that can easily be carried out by people other than professionals. It is always best to engage the services of 1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC. Professionals will get rid of the problem, but before they commence work, knowledgeable technicians assess the building for signs of hidden mold that may have been overlooked. It is common to find mold in air conditioner ducting, and under wallpaper.

Asbestos contractors in Texas also perform the complex task of removing mold from commercial spaces. When either asbestos or mold is not removed and disposed of promptly, the chance of illness increases dramatically. Professional mold removal and cleanup also include future prevention techniques. Removing mold is one thing; preventing its reoccurrence is something else again. The mold removal experts will look for sources of dampness. The source of moisture and ventilation problems can be taken care of, preventing the return of the problem.

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