Advantages Of A Fuel Spill Kit

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

Oil and fuel spills can cause a variety of issues. If they happen quickly and there is an abundance of liquid, it can get all over the employees’ clothes and shoes, allowing it to be tracked all over the premises. If it is outside, it can quickly seep into the group or water and contaminate it. Along with such, it can shut down production and cause you to lose money because you can’t work efficiently or safely when there is fuel all over the ground. Therefore, it is best to have a fuel spill kit on hand to reduce your risk. While you still need to get it cleaned up quickly, you can contain the spillage to minimise the damage to equipment and protect the environment.

A fuel spill kit can be found from a variety of companies, and they come in a variety of sizes to deal with a spillage of any magnitude. You can find options for a variety of thicknesses, as well as many absorbents to help absorb the spillage. Most kits also come with containment options, such as trays or land socks to prevent the issue from spreading further. These kits are perfect in a variety of industries, such as refineries, auto repair shops, marinas, and much more.

At EcoSpill, they recognise the need to protect the environment and employees, as well as your property. Their ultimate goal is to help you find the right fuel spill kit size for your needs, help you determine where they should be placed and how many you need, as well as many other issues. If you’re unsure what you need, you can talk to a specialist to ask questions and get answers. You can also find containment trays, floor bunding, and many other products to help combat spillage.

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