What You Need to Know Before Installing an Office Security System

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Security

There are dozens of options when it comes to choosing an office security system in Jacksonville, FL, with many choices regarding technology and price. The choices you make in security cameras, alarm systems, access point permissions, and surveillance can vary in terms of price in a huge way. It can also have a major impact on the way the IT network is configured for your company. Because of that, there are some things to consider before making a final decision.

Stream Quality Available

When choosing a system, you want to look for HD streaming. Beyond that, the best systems may offer loss-free HD streaming. With HD streaming you get a fantastic image quality, but without loss-free technology, it’s possible to have issues with scrolling and blackouts. This can be a huge issue in an emergency when you need clear images quickly.

Potential for Scaling

Sometimes, going for a less expensive office security system for your Jacksonville, FL, a business can be warranted for a small business. However, if you end up growing, it can be expensive to add new cameras, integrate new access points, and network new areas. With the best systems, you’ll find scaling is simple and can be done easily. You should have a fully networked system available, and one that only requires a single desktop station for control.

Integration Considerations

What you want from a security system is the ability to integrate with the IT hardware you have on hand. Anything less than that will be expensive and require a lot of upkeep anytime you scale operations. You want access control management that supports popular hardware like HID and Mercury Security.

Time for Installation

You want the security system you choose to be installed efficiently and quickly without a lot of issues. A system that has to be installed on many workstations will take much longer than one that can be installed on existing hardware to a few stations. Look for how easy the installation will be when choosing the right security system provider.

These tips will give you the information you need to choose the best office security system for your Jacksonville location. If you are looking for a full-features option, consider Security Center USA. We offer many systems with high-tech features. You can learn more by visiting our website.

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