3 Easy Ways To Boost Business Training Opportunities

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Business

Getting the chance to get away for a full-length college or university level business course is simply not a reality for most small business owners. These individuals find it difficult enough just to get away once a week to have lunch outside the office or the business, getting away for a week or two or taking off every morning or afternoon for months to take a college or university course is out of the question.

Small business owners do have options for a practical, workable and doable business training. These trainings are often hosted by various agencies, organizations, and companies which work with small businesses. Targeted training is ideal as they are usually scheduled after business hours, on the weekend or for a very short, compact training session.

Consider Hiring Support

To have the time to attend local business training opportunities, consider working with a service offering a virtual assistant. These services can include full back-office support, marketing, customer service support and even coordinate projects and events.
With the choice of a remote executive assistant, the cost to the small business is very reasonable. The business owner can also pick and choose the services they require, allowing for complete control over the budget.

Join A Network

Small business networks are found in almost all locations across the United States. They may be very active and have regular meetings, or they may be more informal and meet quarterly or on an as-needed basis.

Joining a network of other small business owners will open up business training opportunities. Often these groups will provide presentations by members in their areas of expertise, providing short, practical and relevant training in the local community.

Online Training Courses

There are amazing, highly informative online training courses offered by small business consultants and support groups. These trainings, online video presentations, and downloadable material will provide an easy way to learn about different business concepts, skills, and models from the comfort of your own office or home computer.

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